Bruce Lee's art of Scientific Street Fighting

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Hardcore Jeet Kune Do  -  The Hardcore Jeet Kune Do/Chinese Gung Fu Association. A fantastic site of information. Find out about training in JKD, read some great articles, and look at a lot of great photos and videos. Hours of great browsing!  The site is run by Sifu Lamar Davis.  Founder of the Hardcore JKD curriculum


Bruce  -  The official home page of the Bruce Lee foundation. Great information about the legendary founder of Jeet Kune Do.  They also have lots of cool official merchandise.


Hamilton Jeet Kune Do: Facebook page - Join our facebook group for even more updates and discussions.

Hamilton Jeet Kune Do YouTube page - Videos of our past seminars with Sifu Lamar Davis and our regular training and classes. New videos to be added regularly.  Our Thanks to Todd Lambert for putting this up.  Lots of really useful material.


Hamilton JKD Store - Buy T-shirts and more at our CafĂ© Press store.




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